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AlNajaf Alashraf

is a city in central Iraq about 160 km (roughly 100 miles) south of Baghdad. Its estimated population in 2013 was 1,000,000 people.[2] It is the capital of Najaf Governorate. It is widely considered the third holiest city of Shia Islam.


Najaf has a desert climate. This climate is considered to be BWh according to the Köppen climate classification. The average annual temperature is 23.6 °C. The rainfall here averages 97 mm.


History shows us that Najaf is indeed an ancient city who experienced its beginning far before the birth of Islam. Archaeological discoveries show the existence of a populace dating back to the times of Jesus. Najaf possesses one of the largest burial grounds in the vicinity for Christians. The centuries following have proven this to also be a city that possessed a multicultural and religious people.


Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him)

Great Mosque of Kufa

wadi al-salam

Masjid  Hannana

AL-sahla mosque