Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast …New technology in Al- Najaf Al ashraf International Airport


There is general agreement that Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) will play a significant role at the core of future civil aviation surveillance infrastructure.

ADS-B relies on an aircraft’s GPS to provide current flight information such as altitude, airspeed, position, aircraft type, identification and direction. The system transmits this information through a dedicated radio datalink to all receivers capable of decoding ADS-B signals.This technology now available in Alnajaf International Airport.

Arrival of ground equipment “French and German origin” to serve aircraft

Arrived today and within the contract agreed to equip the airport with ground equipment for the service of aircraft the first meal in order to meet the requirements of the airport after the increase in the number of upcoming flights

Engineer Mohammed Hadi, Director of Ground Services at the airport, said that this is the first meal of the contract, which includes equipment for the withdrawal of passengers’ bags. The contract will also include equipment for loading bags and equipment for the payment of aircraft and 15 additional equipment added to the total number of airport equipment, Of the (100) equipment used to serve passengers

It is worth noting that there is a significant increase in the number of incoming and outgoing flights and the airport has been able to gain the confidence of the international airlines to provide a high level of ground services for aircraft and passengers

NIAP is the first international airport in Iraq

Airline stations belonging to Flydubai, Al Arabiya and Turkish Airlines have been among the world’s most popular destinations around the world, according to official statistics from these companies.
The representatives of flydubai and arabia said that the two companies, with a rate of (30) trips per month (reception and departure) and by providing services to more than (150) passengers have won the first place in a competition involving more than (200) stations spread around World and the two companies.
In the same context, the representative of the Turkish Airlines announced that the company and the rate of one trip every day and provide services to more than (100) passengers departing and coming to Najaf International Airport and in full cooperation between the airport management has been ranked first among more than ( 280) a subsidiary of the company located in various airports in the world.
Delegates added that the airport is ready for all its cards and services, during religious occasions, which doubles their trips to more than five times, was the main reason for the progress of companies and this raises their balance in the performance of their duties.
It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive expansion plan planned by the airport to receive the airport for more than 6 million passengers, as well as the increase in the number of ports allocated to passports and counters that receive passengers, which will contribute to reducing the obstacles and obstacles present and provide the best services.


An instrument landing system (ILS) enables aircraft to land if the pilots are unable to establish visual contact with the runway. It does this by way of transmitted radio signals .